On June 7, 2016, eSports was again recognized as an official sport in Canada. Unfortunately, the vast majority of people have an extremely superficial understanding of modern computer games, which are additionally distorted by all kinds of ridiculous stereotypes. Life hacker includes e-Sports in the list of topics to be monitored, and we will start with the basics, that is, with a story about what e-sports really is. Esports arose at a time when one person got the opportunity to compete with another in a computer game. By the way, you can bet on these campaigns. You can read more about this on esportzbet.com. An integral component of popular competitions is entertainment (therefore, no one watches curling), which in the context of computer games means graphics and the dynamics of the process. The first game suitable for these requirements was the legendary Doom 2 with team fights. Truly cybersports turned out to be her more technically advanced successor Quake, originally sharpened for a joint game (multiplayer game - multiplayer). There are not many really popular competition-oriented games. One of the main requirements for an e-sports game is the predominance of an element of skill over an element of luck. The case should not determine the outcome, only personal and team skills. Usually, developers initially decide whether their game will be sports or exclusively entertaining. Another mandatory requirement is a balance and equal opportunity for all participants. Often it is the inability to balance the game process that buries a promising game, but more successful competitors conquer a multimillion-dollar audience. There are not many examples of well-shot e-sports games. Among shooters for many years, Counter-Strike is the undisputed favorite. Starcraft dominates strategies. There are games for those who like a measured and calm gameplay, for example, a Hearthstone card, which embodied the ideas and principles of board card games in digital form.
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During the last three months we have been confronted with two price increases (publication + charges) and two additional requirements for the legalization of Power of Attorney. Accordingly, we have been forced to amend our charges for certain items and absorb the increase in others. Amended charges can be provided if interested.
For the legalization of POA, the new additional requirements are:
1.       A copy of ID or Passport of the official who signed the POA with his signature thereon.
2.       A copy of Certificate of Incorporation or Extract from the Commercial Register of the applicant who issued the POA.
The above will no doubt add a further delay in the legalization process of the POA and accordingly they have to be provided with the legalized POA soonest possible to ensure speedy completion of the approval and legalization process.
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